Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game

Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game


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  • LATICE HAWAII combines simple rules with evolving complexity for a unique game that’s easy to learn, quick to play, with strategic potential to last a lifetime. Be the first to play all of your tiles. Play faster by matching tiles on two or more sides, landing on sun squares or using wind tiles to shift tiles on the board. Advanced players will play both offensively and defensively based on their knowledge of remaining tiles. 3 minutes to learn, 20 minutes to play, a lifetime to master.
  • LOTS OF FUN for your friends and family. LATICE (“Lattice”) is an entertaining board game that is popular with kids, teens and adults.
  • FAST START: Easy to learn rules! Includes a short manual with pictures (and video at Ideal for a quick match in-between other activities or as the main event for exciting evenings. A turn-based and time flexible game.
  • EDUCATIONAL GAMING: Concentration – Follow the course of the game and the other players’ turns. Interpersonal skills – taking turns and communicating with other players. Strategic thinking, spatial recognition: Reading the board, planning ahead to block and set up future turns.
  • FOR EVERYONE: No language, age, or gender barriers, color-blind accessible through patterns on the tiles.
  • MANY WAYS TO PLAY: Optional rules from kiddie mode through endgame support casual through tournament play.
  • PLAYERS: For 2 – 4 players (plus 4 players per additional game set).
  • AGE: 8 and up.
  • GAME DURATION: 20-40 minutes (about 7-10 minutes per player).
  • INSTRUCTIONS: English. Other languages available for free on the Latice website (Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).
  • CONTENTS: 84 acrylic tiles, 16″ board, 4 tile racks, 36 acrylic stones, box, component organizer, sand timer, and instructions.
  • Designed by Adacio in California.

Accessible for All

No Language, Age, or Gender barriers.

Color-blind accessible through textures on the tiles.

Multilingual Instructions available for free on our web site.

Timeless Components

Timeless, high-quality components ensure you have a great experience both now and for years to come.

Level Up & Have Fun!

Latice encourages strategic thinking and development of cognitive, spatial recognition, planning, and interpersonal skills.

It’s perfect for parties and game nights and a great way to get the fun going and bring guests together.

In the box

  • Instructions
  • 4 tile racks
  • 84 acrylic tiles
  • 16″ board
  • Box with form-fitting insert
  • Sand timer
  • 36 acrylic stones

Expert Reviews


“Latice is a game that does a fantastic job of bridging young or casual gamers with older, more experienced players. I can count on one hand the number of games that my 13-year-old, my 8-year-old, and I can play together. Latice is a thankful addition to that rarefied group.”

Kind Fortress

“Latice is a great abstract matching game that I enjoy at every level, from highly competitive, to gateway, to playing with kids.”

–Isaac Shalev, co-author of Building Blocks of Tabletop Game Design

All Us Geeks

“Someone who might not always lean toward casual games, but have casual gamers in their life, this is something they can definitely play with those people. This is a solid game: I highly recommend it.”

The Dice Tower Seal of Approval

“Latice came out of nowhere and really surprised me. This is a game I can wholeheartedly recommend especially to folks who are not necessarily into gaming. This is an easy sell for someone who wants to include the kids or have people who play at different levels. Thumbs up for me. Check this one out, folks!”


–Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

Customer Reviews

“This is the best game ever. We all love it.” D. Lane-Stott

“We played this game with two six year olds, a three year old and two thirty-somethings and we all loved it!” Fiona Skilton

“Great board game for all ages 8 and above. I often struggle to find games that suit just 2 players but this is great for 2, 3 or 4 people. Highly recommended.” O.P. Martin

“Brilliant game” Mike Mottershead

“Amazing game, totally addicted.” Neil Ritchie

“This is such a good game. It looks quite simple on the face of it but is actually a very strategic game that requires lots of thinking. The whole family enjoys this.” S. Hurst

“I bought this as an activity for my therapy session. All the children that have played it this far have loved the game. Wonderful activity as an aid to further self exploration.” Jennifer O.

“Love it! Tooks us a while to get into it but then we became obsessed with playing it. The more you play the better it gets.” Mrs. B. Kendrick


Tillywig Toy Awards 2019: Best Family Fun

“Latice Hawaii plays extremely well across a broad range of ages. Kids, friends, parents, and grandparents can compete enjoyably against one another without a predictable outcome, making for outstanding party and family fun – until the final tile is played, it’s anybody’s game!”

Family Choice Award 2019

“The Family Choice Awards recognizes the best products, services, and resources for all members of a family. This awards program, now in its 19th year, is one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer awards programs in the nation.”

Creative Child Game of the Year Award 2019

“The Creative Child Award Program consisting of Moms and Educators has awarded Latice Hawaii the 2019 Game of the Year Award.”

NAPPA Award 2019

“The game takes about 20-30 minutes to play and can be done as partners to help younger children learn about playing and how to strategize. I would recommend this to parents, grandparents, and teachers, anyone who likes to play games.”

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